Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy has been adjusted to be conformed to Personal Data Protection Act B.E.2562 and applies to ooca Application and its implications which provide communication services between users and doctors/consultants. This Privacy Policy prescripts how the Company stores, manages, and conceals information of the users during the use of the Application.

The Company shall collect and forward personal, medical, and health-condition information of the User during using the Application. The User gives consent to the Company to collect and forward the personal information and other relevant information under this Privacy Policy.

The User disagreeing with this Privacy Policy should not use the Application.

Important Definition

Personal Information means personal information of the User used for identifying an individual’s identity such as name-surname, identification number, address, email address, telephone number, or other relevant information of the User.

Health Information means personal information of the User relating to his/her health conditions or medical information.

Sensitive personal data includes information such as race, ethnicity, political opinions, ideology, religion or philosophy, sexual behavior, or mental health information, etc.

User’s Unidentifiable Information means information of the User which is unidentifiable.

Cookies means information sent from the site to the User’s computer at the time the User are visiting the Company’s website.

Conversations with the Company means details of conversations between you and the consultant, personnel of the company including symptom assessment, conversations between you and our personnel via email and live chat.

Personal Information Storage

When the User creates an ooca account or provides the User’s Personal Information through the Application, the information stored by the Company may include as follows:

  • Name and surname (anonyms are applicable), date of birth, email address, mobile phone number, and other information for the registration;
  • Health condition information which includes information or records regarding illness history, physical examination, laboratorial results, radiological results, and other health-related information;
  • Health condition information of the User recorded by doctor/consultant through the Application, such as medical records, history taking and medical examination information and other health-related information;
  • Billing information, such as credit card information;
  • Information regarding computers and mobile phones, such as internet browsers, types of computer and mobile phone, and other information of how to access the Application;
  • Other information filled or provided by the User through the Application and other relevant services.


The User must submit information to the Company, the Company’s authorized representative, or via the Application. The information must be valid, complete and non-misleading. The User must update his/her information from time to time and inform the Company about the changes. The Company reserves its rights to ask for additional documents in order to verify the validity of the information provided. The Company will be able to store the Personal Information of the User if it is submitted voluntarily by the User. If the User decides not to submit his/her Personal Information to the Company or decides to withdraw his/her consent in the use of the User’s Personal Information, the Company may not provide any services to the User.


If the User has submitted information of any other third party to the Company, the Company shall consider that the User has been consented or allowed by the relevant other third party to disclose and submit such personal information to the Company.

Who can access your personal information

We may share personal information with service providers acting on our behalf for the purposes stated in “Use and Disclosure of Personal Information”. We do not share personal information with third parties for their own marketing purposes. Who can access your information include:

  • Service Providers who may designate third parties to act as service providers of the Company and perform certain tasks on our behalf, such as delivering products to customers. Service providers are responsible for handling personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and in accordance with our instructions. Service providers cannot use the personal information we share for their own purposes. and that personal data must be deleted or returned upon completion of our request.
  • Third Party Partners: The Company may collaborate with to provide research, electronic prescription system services or other offers. The Company requires partners to protect your personal data following our guidelines. 
  • Other Parties: The Company may share personal information with others on your order or with your consent, or if we deem that disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce our terms and conditions to protect our operations or users.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

The Company shall use the information obtained from the User or forward the information to other third parties (including relevant companies, outsourced service providers, and outsourced distributors) for the benefits of the business, in whole or in parts, as follows:

  • To operate or support the use of the Application as the Company shall use the information submitted by the User to manage the User’s account which the User has made with the Company (if any);
  • To provide you with health services, including medical consultations, diagnosis and treatment. (Consultation via audio, video call with a consultant from a doctor or medical person);
  • To inspect and manage payment transactions made by the User through internet or online platforms;
  • To inspect the download of information from the Application;
  • To develop layout, format, and content of windows of the Application and to improve them for the User to identify the User for analyzing the statistic and behaviors of the User.
  • To send the information that is expected by the Company to be useful for the User or that has been requested by the User to be sent by the Company, unless the User has rejected the communication for such purpose
  • To prevent life or bodily harm, or to assist Users in case of emergency
  • In case of law enforcement purposes or compliance with laws, rules, regulations or any other request


When the User has signed in to open an account with ooca or has submitted his/her Personal Information through the Application, the Company uses the Personal Information of the User to send him/her marketing news and promotions regarding the services of the Company or its outsourced doctor/consultant from time to time. The User can cancel the receipt of marketing news and information sent by the Company at all time. In using cancellation system in receiving the marketing information, the Company may use the contact information of the User to send newsletters from the Company or its affiliates.

In case of an exception and being asked to disclose the Personal Information, such the case that it is well-grounded, the Company may send the User’s Personal Information to any other third parties or the Company’s affiliates for the purposes mentioned above.

User’s Personal Information Accession

If the User wishes to access his/her Personal Information or health condition information which is in the Company’s system by logging in the Application, the User agrees to arrange his/her Account Name, password, and important information for logging in the account and shall not disclose them to other unauthorized third parties. The Company is uncapable to be responsible for damages occurred from the use of the Account Name, password, and important information for logging in the account.

Security of the User’s Personal Information

The Company represents that all information will be kept securely. The Company will protect the User’s Personal Information by:

  • limiting the access of Personal Information;
  • providing technological approaches to prevent unauthorized accesses to computer systems;
  • arranging the User’s Personal Information for security matters when the information is unnecessary for legal purposes;
  • the Company uses 128-bit SSL (Security Sockets Layer) coding technology when dealing with financial matters.

If it is reasonably believed by the User that his/her privacy is violated by the Company, please contact the Company via the email given below. The user password is a key for accessing the service account. Please apply different numbers, letters and symbols. Also, do not disclose your password to others. If the User discloses his/her password to others, he/she shall be responsible for all actions, that have been made on his/her behalf or through the service account, and their effects. If the User is unable to control his/her password, the User would probably be unable to control the User’ Personal Information or other information submitted to the Company. The User may have to accept the subsequent effects of the actions made on his/her behalf. Therefore, if the user password is disclosed or no longer confidential, the User should contact the Company and change the password immediately. It is advised by the Company that the User should log off the system and close the browser every time when using public computers.

Data Deletion Request

At ooca, we prioritize your privacy and the security of your personal information. If you decide to request the deletion of your personal data that we hold, please follow the detailed steps outlined below to ensure efficient and secure processing of your request:

1. Contacting Us:

  • Email: Initiate your data deletion request by contacting us at our designated email address:
  • Required Information: Please provide your full name, contact details, and a brief description of your data deletion request to help us process it efficiently.

2. Verification of Identity:

  • To protect your data from unauthorized access, we require you to verify your identity before we can process your request.
  • Documentation: You may need to provide a copy of a government-issued ID or other verification documents.
  • Privacy Assurance: All documents are used strictly for verification purposes and are handled according to our stringent privacy standards.

3. Review and Processing:

  • Timeline: After receiving and verifying your request, we will process it and respond within one month.
  • Complex Requests: For complex or multiple requests, the processing time may extend beyond one month. If so, we will inform you of the delay and explain the reasons.

4. Completion of Deletion:

  • Data Removal: Once your request is processed, your personal data will be deleted from our primary systems and databases.
  • Backups: Ancillary data may remain in backups for a limited period to support legitimate business interests such as data recovery and fraud prevention.
  • Data Protection: We ensure that all data in backups is securely stored and isolated from further processing until it is deleted.

Legal Exceptions:

  • Please note that certain legal and regulatory requirements may compel us to retain specific types of data for a fixed period. In these cases, your data will be securely isolated and protected from further processing until the legal retention period expires.

We encourage you to regularly review our privacy policy for updates. If you have any questions about how we manage your personal data or the deletion process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for trusting ooca with your information. We are committed to protecting your privacy and supporting your rights as a user.


The Company provides services for minors or children with age not over 20 years old who have parents or a rightful representative.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

When you use the application or our website. The Company may collect the following information if the User have given consent through the User’s device or web browser. The Company may use cookies (Cookies) or similar programs such as pixel tags and web beacons to store information to help the Company to provide better, faster, safer service and for user privacy. Cookies can also help The Company know what parts of the application users visit facilitating analysis of the effectiveness of ads and web search engines. The cookies that we will collect from you are as follows: 

  • Communication cookies are used to enable network traffic to and from the system. as well as to help us detect any errors.
  • Strictly Necessary Cookies are set as necessary for certain specific services or features that you access or request. For example, cookies that allow us to display our website in a form and suitable language and authenticate and verify your transactions.
  • Other cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with websites and online services. It also helps us evaluate the effectiveness of ads and web searches, and also uses these cookies to remember your choices when browsing the application. so that we can provide you with a personalized experience.

In some of our email messages, the Company uses a “click-through URL” that allows you to link to the mobile application. When you click on one of these URLs, you are routed through another web server before reaching the targeted page in our application. We will track this click-through to help us identify specific topic interests and assess whether we can communicate effectively with you. If you do not want to be tracked in this way it is advised to not click on any text or graphic link in an email message received. 

The Company may use Cookies or other similar programs to store information, for providing better, faster, and safer services and for the privacy of the User while using the services and/or accessing the Application. When the User visits the Company’s servers, the company will automatically memorize and record the information sent from the browser of the User when he/she visits the Company’s website. The information may include:

  • IP address of the User’s computer
  • Type of the browser of the User
  • Web page accessed by the User before logging in the Application- Web page visited by the User in the Application
  • Time spent in visiting the site, information which the User searches for, date and time of visit, and other statistic information.

Such information will be kept for the analysis and evaluation to support the Company in approving the Application.

Cookies Program is a small text (normally text and number) file information that is embedded in the memory units of the User’s browser or on the User’s devices when visiting the site or browsing a massage. This program helps the Company to memorize specific devices or browsers and helps the Company to create content that matches the interest of people faster and to make the services and the Application more convenient and useful for the User.

No Spam, Spyware, Virus

Spam, spyware, or virus is not allowed in the Application. Please set and preserve your Preference in the communication, so that the Company sends the communication information as required by the User. The User shall not send any massages which have spam, spyware, or virus through the Application. If the User wants to report any suspicious massages to the Company, please contact the Company via the email given below.

Changes of Privacy Policy

The Company shall examine the efficiency of the Privacy Policy regularly. The Company reserves its rights to change the Privacy Policy at all time. The changes shall be publicized on the Application.

Rights of the Company

The User acknowledges and agrees that the Company has the rights to disclose the Personal Information to legal authorities, regulatory agencies, government agencies, legal enforcement agencies, and other relevant agencies, or relevant right owners. If it is reasonably believed by the Company that disclosure of the Personal Information of the User is necessary for operating the duties, responsibilities, management, and agreement, either by willingness or enforcement, for the purpose of cooperation with the order, inquiry, and/or any requests of such agencies under the applicable laws. The User agrees not to prosecute nor take any actions against the Company and waives its rights in claiming and other rights bound with ooca that may occur from the disclosure of the Personal Information under the mentioned circumstances.

Company’s Contact

If the User wants to revoke his/her consent in the use of the User’s Personal Information, asks to retrieve the User’s Personal Information, has any question, comment, concern, or asks for technical helps or problems about cookies, please contact the Company via email:

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