How to access free services
The Wall of Sharing, A Safe Space for Youth NHSO Program

Registration Process

  • Download the ooca app: All counseling sessions are conducted through the OOCA app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Register: Complete your registration by providing your phone number and email.

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Check if you are eligible.

  • Age: You must be between 15-25 years old.
  • Address: You must have a registered residence in Bangkok. However, if you do not reside in Bangkok, do not worry! You are still eligible for services, as we have support from the Wall of Sharing fund available for you.

Select the Wall of Sharing privilege to unlock your benefits

  • Choose the Wall of Sharing privilege for free use: You can change your privilege at any time by selecting the symbol on the top right corner of the home page.
  • Fill in your registration information: Including your national ID number.
  • Wait for confirmation: You will receive a notification in the app confirming your appointment.

Learn about the services we offer

We provide 4 free counseling sessions per person, with psychiatrists and psychologists available for the first two sessions, and experienced volunteer caregivers to provide assistance and counseling for the remaining sessions.

To use this service, we require:

  1. National ID number: Necessary for identity verification with the NHSO and to ensure transparency in receiving support from psychiatrists and psychologists.
  2. Stress test results: Always complete a stress test before and after counseling to monitor your mental well-being.
  3. Minimum number of sessions: You must book at least 4 sessions in the OOCA app for effective care.
  4. Once ready, simply book a doctor in the app under the Wall of Sharing symbol!

Prepare for your first appointment

  • Be open to discussing what’s on your mind: This is a safe space where you can safely talk about your thoughts and feelings. Find a quiet place
  • Having your session in a quiet area with good internet signal will enhance your talking experience.

Thank you for participating with us!

  • Complete a post-appointment evaluation: After your appointment with a psychologist, please take the time to evaluate the service. This assessment helps make future appointments more effective.
  • Your feelings and opinions matter: You can provide feedback so we can continue to improve our services.
  • Book more appointments with our psychologists: You can book further appointments with our psychologists whenever you need.

Start your free consultation. Download the ooca application and create a user account now.

Scan to download the OOCA application

If you can’t find what you’re looking for

We’re glad to answer any questions or issues you may have. Please contact us

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New Release! 💊 Receive medicine at your door

New Release! 💊

Receive medicine at your door