New feature alert! Consult with psychiatrists via OOCA,

have your prescriptions delivered to your door. Open beta now live!

New feature alert! Consult with

psychiatrists via OOCA, have your

prescriptions delivered to your door.

Open beta now live!


Choose the psychiatrist

Consult with a participating

psychiatrist, identified by the  sign

following their name.

Consult with a participating

psychiatrist, identified by

the  sign following their name.

Consult with a participating 

psychiatrist, identified by

the  sign following

their name.

Start counseling

If medication is required, 

the psychiatrist will provide 

a prescription.

E-prescription​ at door

Payment and delivery

Proceed payment and wait for 3-5

business days, the medication will be

ready at your door step.

Proceed payment and

wait for 3-5 business days,

the medication will be

ready at your door step.

Additional Information

E-prescription is the latest feature of the ooca app developed to provide convenience for healthcare professionals to prescribe medications to users during consultations. Users can also make payments for their medications and have them delivered to their homes.

Our vision is to elevate the mental well-being of the Thai people and set the standard for innovation in the mental health field by integrating technology into mental health services. In addition, apart from providing online counseling with mental health professionals, E-prescription plays an essential role in ensuring that people in Thailand can readily access mental health services, making the process more convenient and accessible to all.

Yes, we are. Our team of healthcare professionals, including doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists who offer counseling services to users, have undergone thorough assessments and hold certifications recognized by the Medical Council of Thailand. Additionally, the ooca platform is licensed to operate healthcare facilities that offer telemedicine services, as authorized by the Ministry of Public Health. Currently, Telemedicine Co., Ltd. holds a license to operate and conduct telemedicine sevices under the operation of “ooca Telemedical Clinic”.

Yes, it is legal. When doctors prescribe medication through the ooca platform, it is considered a legitimate medical practice within healthcare facilities. This is similar to when patients visit a clinic. Currently, Telemedicine Co., Ltd. holds a license to operate a healthcare facility, which includes telemedicine service, under the name “ooca Telemedical Clinic”. Our healthcare facilities follow standardized procedures to ensure the safe and secure delivery of medications to use

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your treatment information. Our company has undergone an assessment based on ISO 27001 information security management standards and ISO 29110 quality management for software engineering, which certifies that we maintain the highest standards of security.

We have stringent measures in place to protect the confidentiality and security of healthcare and user data. We request consent and only collect data as necessary. We have established guidelines for data protection to ensure it complies with relevant laws and regulations, including the Personal Data Protection Act of 2019.

Yes, it is permitted. Currently, the ooca platform has been authorized to provide telemedicine services by the Ministry of Public Health. This is in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Medical Council’s Announcement No. 54/2563 regarding Telemedicine and Online Clinics. These guidelines are strictly adhered to.

Furthermore, during the COVID-19 pandemic, permission has been granted to facilitate medication delivery via postal service if there are no special controlled drugs in the prescription. Moreover, the medication available for prescription in Ooca does not fall under any special controlled drug categories. Thus, every psychiatrist conducts a comprehensive evaluation of each user before prescribing.

In the Opened beta testing phase of E-prescription, the objectives are to verify system stability and accuracy, as well as to gather feedback and comments from users to improve the system before its full-scale launch.

Users who participate the Opened beta period with ooca receive a special privilege, which is the waiver of delivery charges for every consultation and medication order through the ooca system throughout the duration of this trial.

– Duration of the Opened Beta testing phase: From today until November 30, 2023

1. During the Opened Beta phase, The feature supports only B2C users. 

2. The feature can be used through the Ooca (ooca) application on iOS or Android mobile operating systems only.

To receive medication, users must undergo a consultation with psychiatrists participating in the Opened Beta phase (recognizable by the green pill icon next to their names) and, if the psychiatrist deems it necessary, they will prescribe medication to the user following user consent during the consultation.

The list of psychiatrists providing home medication service during the Opened Beta is as follows:

1. Dr. Chutinart Sakarinkhul
2. Dr. Sukamon Wipaweeponkul
3. Dr. Natthapon Pipatthadorn
4. Dr. Aticha Wattanaudomchai
5. Assoc. Prof. Suporn Apinuntavech

Users can also identify these psychiatrists by the green pill icon next to their names as shown below:

faq001 E-Prescription 

To receive medication, users participating in the Opened Beta project must first schedule a counseling session with a participating psychiatrist. If the psychiatrist deems it necessary for the user to receive medication, they can proceed with the prescription order following these steps:

1. Users schedule appointments to receive counseling from the psychiatrists participating in the Opened-beta phase (identifiable by the green pill symbol next to their name).

2. Users receive counseling from psychiatrists through the Ooca application.

3. During the consultation, if the psychiatrist determines that medication is necessary, they will inform the user and request consent for the prescription.

4. If the user agrees to the prescription, they must provide consent and enter relevant health information in a form displayed on the screen.

   4.1 Users click to accept the prescription.

   faq002 E-Prescription

   4.2 Users enter health-related information in the form.

   faq003 E-Prescription 

5. After completing the health information form, the doctor will verify the information with the user and start drafting the prescription.

6. Once the psychiatrist has completed the prescription form, the user can exit the session.

7. Users can check the prescription status via the “E-prescription” menu on the left side of the home screen.

   7.1 Open the menu on the left and click on “E-prescription”

   faq004 E-Prescription

   7.2 Click on the latest session tab.

   faq005 E-Prescription

   7.3 The prescription will display the medication status as specified by the doctor.

   faq006 E-Prescription

8. Users must make payment for the medication within 24 hours after receiving the prescription.

   8.1 Users click on “Pay for My Medication.”

   faq007 E-Prescription

   8.2 Users have to review the prescription summary and proceed with payment.

   faq008 E-Prescription

9. Once payment is done, users will see the medication status on the prescription as “Paid,” and Ooca will start preparing the medication.

   faq009 E-Prescription

10. Afterward, Ooca will contact the user to confirm their name, and delivery address, and provide details on medication consumption. The medication will then be delivered to the user.

*The company reserves the right to change or modify the delivery process without prior notice.

11. Users will receive their medication within 3-5 business days.

Users who are eligible to receive medication are people who have participated in the Closed Beta program and have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Insomnia. Additionally, they must meet the following conditions:

1. Users have counseling sessions with psychiatrists who participate in the Closed Beta program, and the psychiatrist has determined that medication is necessary for the patient.

2. Users have no history of medication misuse or abuse.

Those who receive medication are individuals who have tested the E-prescription feature during the Opened-beta phase and have been evaluated by a psychiatrist, determining that they are a group of people with symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, and Insomnia only. In addition, they must meet the following conditions:

1. Users have received counseling from participating psychiatrists and the physician has assessed that the patient requires medication.

2. Users have no history of using the wrong type of medication.

Currently, E-prescription feature is not yet available for B2B users. However, users can download receipts for reimbursement purposes after successfully paying for their medication.

To do so, go to the left-hand menu on the : Home page > click on the ‘E-prescription’ > click to view the medication order > check the status ‘Paid.’ Underneath, there will be a link that says ‘View payment receipt’ > click on the link to download the payment receipt.

Certified by International Standard

Ministry of Public Health

Telemedicine License

Delivering Telehealth Services

ISO/IEC 29110

ISO/IEC 29110

Software Development Process Standard


ISO/IEC 27001

Information Security Management System

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New Release! 💊 Receive medicine at your door

New Release! 💊

Receive medicine at your door